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My Soul To Take

To save earth, he needs to go to hell and back … again.
· May 2022 · for

The souls of Leo and Iona are trapped in hell, their bodies inhabited by the souls of Alex and her henchman Bartholomew. Now disguised as Iona, Alex launches her centuries-old plan to restore her power and take control of both Earth and Viridi.

Unable to communicate with their allies, the real Leo and Iona embark on a journey, hoping to somehow break through hell’s impenetrable gates. Along the way, they meet a strange woman, a Reaper who believes she can help them escape.

On Earth, Ben Garrison and company begin to suspect that Leo and Iona are not who they seem, and their souls might still be in hell. Aware of their suspicions, Alex, in Iona’s body, escapes them to pursue her world-takeover plans.

As Leo and Iona face the dangers of a beast-infested forest, a lava-filled chasm, and the nightmarish Lake of Fire, Ben tries to figure out a way to help them from Earth. Only one option presents itself—to return to hell and face the dangers himself.

Book 3 of The Oculus Gate Series.

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