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Nameless: The Destiny Trilogy, Part One

A girl with no memories. A man with too many. And an assassin who starts a war to find them.
· December 2014 · for

A girl with no memories. A man with too many. And an assassin who starts a war to find them.

On the seedy backwater moon where a NUSovian ship dropped Xander off to scratch a living among the mines and brothels, true friends are a luxury she can’t afford. What kind of person doesn’t know her own name? Waiting tables and fending off amorous drunks barely earns Xander enough to survive, let alone escape to the civilized colony of NUSaxony to find a nuerotherapist who can help her regain her lost memories.

But help often comes from unexpected places.

An ex-assassin on the run from his own past, Kale and a team of bounty hunters as eclectic and derelict as their ship saves Xander from a syndicate operative who started a space colony war to find her. They race against time, seeking the spaceship that holds the key to Xander’s memories before the syndicate catches up with them.

As the net closes in, Xander faces a choice.

Is finding herself worth the price her friends will pay? Or does true friendship mean sacrificing Xander’s memories—walking away from everyone she loves—to keep them safe?

After all, some things are more important than a name.

Book 1 of the Morningstar series.

“NAMELESS is a sci-fi treat filled with action, romance and the eternal quest of remembering who we really are. Gritty at times, poignant at others, with a touch of hilarity in between.”

– Tosca Lee, NY Times Bestselling Author

Williams’s prose is serviceable, and she straddles the lines between conventional and unconventional science fiction thrillers, offering an easy-to-read but thoughtful and dark tale that holds promise

Publishers Weekly

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