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Of Pretty Plots and Princesses

Gang activity is threatening to tear apart the sleepy town of Arbortown, while Kyne faces an invading army and a duel to the death!
· April 2018 · for

There’s a new kid in town… and he’s brought a crime wave with him.

Valuable items are going missing in school, and one of Jason’s classmates is behind it. Someone in Arbortown is robbing the homes of the students at school—someone who knows when nobody’s home. But when they rob Jason’s home, they get more than they bargained for. You don’t just rob the kid who can stop time and expect you’re going to make a clean getaway.

Meanwhile, Kyne has problems of his own. Someone has kidnapped the Court Wizard, Garon, and Kyne heads out to rescue him. And while he’s busy, an invading army has crossed Lynvia’s northern border and is marching on the capitol.

Delegates from the invading army are demanding the return of their kidnapped princess, who was seen being taken by members of the Royal Lynvian Guard!

Book 3 of the Prince of Lynvia series.

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