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The Red Door, Chris Solaas

The Red Door

Matt Shakleman is the key to stopping a final nuclear holocaust in an alternate post-apocalyptic dimension—if only he can overcome his overpowering rage.
The Green Door, Chris Solaas

The Green Door

A teen girl and her family travel through a dystopian dimension devastated by biological warfare.
The Blue Door, Chris Solaas

The Blue Door

A boy genius who travels to another dimension with his family to save his grandfather and prevent a war.
Of Dragons and Doppelgangers, Chris Solaas

Of Dragons and Dopplegangers

Before he can be crowned king of a magic realm, a boy must travel around the world to retrieve the signet ring, or face a deadly war with the dragons!
Of Pretty Plots and Princesses, Chris Solaas

Of Pretty Plots and Princesses

Gang activity is threatening to tear apart the sleepy town of Arbortown, while Kyne faces an invading army and a duel to the death!
Of Mobsters and Magic, Chris Solaas

Of Mobsters and Magic

Kids with superpowers face off against the Mob in one dimension, and angry dragons in another.
Of Secrets and Sorcery by Chris Solaas

Of Secrets and Sorcery

A boy must reclaim the magic kingdom he was banished from before his subjects kill him, his only friend a sarcastic dragon who knows more than he’s saying.