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A fae girl masters her abilities while fighting to stay with the only people who have ever loved her, her human foster parents.
· February 2018 · for

Nobody defied the Faerie Council… until now.

At sixteen years old, Trisha has seen plenty of trouble. With no one to call family, and nowhere to call home, she has always felt different. An outsider. That’s how it must be. After all, she’s hiding a secret that would rock the world to its core.

But her entire life is about to change.

Dragged before the Faerie Council, her fae blood makes it mandatory for her to bend to their will. A hunt is underway for a fae fugitive and she is recruited to join the team tracking him. Saying no isn’t an option. The stories of what they do to those who disobey orders chill her to the bone.

Who else is on this mandatory unit? None other than her ex, who just shot her and left her for dead the week before, a mysterious boy who can find anyone, anywhere, and a jaded leader who doesn’t think Trish should be given the chance to prove herself.

Will Trisha’s growing abilities be able to help her catch the fugitive before he comes into his own powers? Or will she lose the only people she’s learning to care about, her foster parents?

Book 1 of the Penchant for Trouble series.

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