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Sacred Fire by Karen Grunst

Sacred Fire

A young empath must find the dark spirit haunting the holy city before she becomes his prey.
Defender by C.C. Urie


Cast out of her family, Larken Hale, the Daughter of the Military, is forced to take up the cause to appease her family.
Aderes in Karkhana, Maegan M. Simpson

Aderes in Karkhana

After falling into an unknown world, Aderes struggles to learn how to live among her new companions.
Prophecy's Heirs by Emily G. Watson

Prophecy’s Heirs

Three children must go on a quest to save their father by traveling to the edge of the world and beyond.
Regeneration, Cassie Greutman


A fae girl masters her abilities while fighting to stay with the only people who have ever loved her, her human foster parents.