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Rise of the Knightshades: The Djinn

A legendary figure of smoke and shadow rises up to battle against an evil baron intent on building an army of golems during the Crusades.
· January 2024 · for ,

A holy land. A holy war. A holy terror against evil.

In the final years of the first Kingdom of Jerusalem, in a vault, hidden deep beneath the Temple Mount, Baron Gregory De L’Ombre has made an astonishing discovery. Imprisoned within the vault are twelve monstrous abominations, created by one of King Solomon’s wives as an ultimate act of revenge. The secrets of the vault will ensure Gregory’s absolute power and forever enslave the Outremer—the Holy Land. No man dares stand against him.

But the Djinn is no mere man.

A creature of smoke and shadow … a living legend … only the Djinn grasps the full scope of the baron’s plans. Only he—along with his army of Knightshades—can save the Holy Land from a fate more terrible than anyone imagines.

Book 1 of the The Knightshades Saga series.

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