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Skipjack and the Baleful Banshee

Pilot-Captain Jack Anders, his patrol ship crew, and med-rescue team stumble into a clandestine war between galactic governments.
· December 2016 · for ,

Jack was just doing his big shot, politically well-connected sister a favor – dock P. S. Corsair at Saur Station for a little R & R, and check out rumors of WorldCorp weapons testing. She never said anything about the place rattling apart.

Now he’s got injured stationers, rival spies, and a possible terrorist aboard his patrol ship; not to mention components from a weapon of mass destruction. Components every government in the galaxy is after.

Components that could destroy Corsair? Assuming the STEL-carrier chasing them doesn’t manage that first.

Then Journeyer Jones materializes amidships – during star-transit!

And Jack’s life will never be the same again.

Book 1 of the Skipjack series.

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