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The Dragon Forest

When Prince Peter leaves behind the comforts of palace life to face the Dragon of the Forest, he learns what it means to be King.
· October 2015 · for

Frustrated Prince Peter longs for adventure. So when he overhears his father’s Royal Knights discussing their plan to enter the mysterious Dragon Forest to slay the Dragon for its impenetrable scales, Peter knows he must be the one to find those scales if he is to finally have adventure. And finally have his father’s attention.

But when he enters The Dragon Forest, he unleashes a dark presence over the land that threatens his father’s kingdom and his father’s life. Peter must fight against secrets of the past, dark magic, and an unseen enemy if he is to save the kingdom. The Dragon Forest is the first in this adventure series of how Prince Peter learns what it means to be King. The interaction between Peter, his father, and the Dragon forms the essence of this action-adventure series of books.

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