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The Genesis 6 Project

After the escape of a biblical Nephilim from a US genetics lab, Agent Frank Ironhorse Whitman must stop the beast on the Crow reservation.
· November 2022 · for

Frank Ironhorse Whitman spent months in the Middle East as a U.S. Army Ranger before becoming a Special Agent of Indian Affairs near the Crow Reservation. Unbeknownst to Ironhorse, the U.S. Army had set up a secret genetics research lab in Montana near the reservation.

A middle of the night arrival of unmarked helicopters with secret cargo placed the facility on high alert. When the unspeakable happens and the mysterious Subject Alpha escapes with Dr. Kathryn Ryan as a hostage, the military is forced to work with Ironhorse and his team to track the dangerous creature through Crow territory.

Archaeological evidence suggests their adversary is an aged old enemy of the Crow people, with a link to the infamous fallen Watchers described in the book of Genesis. Ironhorse and his men battle the abomination as it makes it way toward Pryor Mountain and the safety of hidden caves.

While the hunt ensues, multiple groups battle for final control of the biblical Nephilim and the potential for super soldier applications.

Ironhorse and his team face a final showdown after the military is thwarted, to try and stop the carnage. What if the creature escapes to the highlands in its quest to bring his kind back for the end of times? Who is the mysterious outside group involved?

  1. Tim Smith says:

    Great read. You should check it out. Kept me on the edge of my seat. If you like Nephilim stories, this is believable.

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