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The Voice of Elyon

A husband and wife learn to discern God’s Voice amongst the others clamoring for their attention, seeking Him even in the darkest of places.
· December 2022 · for ,

The King of Elyon is dead. Speculations abound about his death, whether it was foul play or by his own hand. The crown prince, Thomas, has assumed the throne and all its responsibilities. The calling on his life feels too immense for his unprepared shoulders, however, and he wonders when he will be crushed by its weight.

Marta is one of many who hold fast to their belief in their king despite the war threatening at their door. She’s yearned for something more than just sitting by the sidelines and for her purpose to be revealed, but her prayers have seemingly gone unanswered. When answers for both Thomas and Marta come from different directions, will they heed the Voice of the One who calls them?

The Voice of Elyon is a novel about the normal struggles Christians face in their everyday walk and battling against the voices of the enemy that constantly surrounds us. The Gifts of the Spirit are augmented in what could be considered a “magic-like” system, however, it is explicit that these Gifts and “powers” are from God, and not from man. This is not necessarily an allegorical fantasy, these characters are blatantly Christian doing Christian things and having real-world struggles, but in a fantasy setting. There are elves and dwarves, and several important struggles are explored, including losing faith and stumbling on your walk, pride, greed, and the redemptive power of the Gospel.

Book 1 of the The Elyon Chronicles series.

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