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The Windrider Saga: Books 1 and 2

A compilation of the first two Windrider fantasy novellas, Divine Summons and A Greater Strength, by Rebecca P. Minor.
· February 2012 · for ,

When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast loses both a lifelong friend and faithful mount to a military mission gone awry, the elven cavalry officer must summon the inner strength to tackle an unexpected calling. A baffling encounter with a half-elven prophetess named Veranna reveals to Vinyanel that the Maker of All has ordained he should become not just an officer, but one day, the high commander of the cavalry’s First Airborne Division.

Circumstances introduce Vinyanel to Majestrin, the ancient silver dragon who becomes both mount and confidant. But the things hardest won are often held shortest. A surreptitious enemy plot thrusts Vinyanel into yet another intervention on behalf of his beloved nation. Only if he can navigate the snares of deception, temptation, and murderous intent will he emerge victorious. From the realization of his Divine Summons to the exploration of A Greater Strength, Vinyanel learns that not all troubles can be solved from a dragon’s saddle. The hardest-fought battles rage upon the field of the soul.

This book is a compilation of the first two Windrider novellas, Divine Summons and A Greater Strength. The chapters within each novella appeared as serial fiction online during 2010 and early 2011.

  1. Bainespal says:

    Thanks for including the review. I’m honored.
    Just a small correction — It was originally published by Paul Lee at Transcendent Destinies, not Paul Baines.
    It must be confusing that I use the screename “Bainespal” and my first name is “Paul,” but I am not Paul Baines.  “Bainespal” is just a combination of two nicknames that my father used to call me.  Sorry for the confusion.  😉

    • Correction appended. Our thanks to you, Paul BainesLee, for our first reader-submitted review. It’s a great start to what I’m sure will be many such reviews on Speculative Faith.

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