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Tumult’s Edge

Space pirates took his ship. Now he’s his crew’s only hope of rescue.
October 2023 · for

A tale of sci-fi adventure and mystery, set in the same universe as the Taskiran Legacy.

If Captain Orion Vasquez can’t complete his delivery to windy Tumult, he’ll lose everything. When space pirates attack his ship, he barely escapes with his life. Alone on the uninhabited side of the frigid, inhospitable planet, his faith is on life support. He’s his crew’s only hope of rescue…if he can stay alive. When a stray drone turns the inhabitants of Tumult against him, he becomes a fugitive.

Teenage Ry was raised by the pirates. If he comes back without the drone, he doesn’t want to know what might happen. If he’s found helping the man that the pirate captain has decreed death for, will he be next?

Standalone title within the The Taskiran Legacy series.

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