1. […] up concerns the 2010 Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction. Here’s the info from the award site: Voting begins […]

  2. […] on the link at http://clivestaplesaward.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/2010-clive-staples-award-voting/ and follow the instructions. Remember, you must have read at least two books of the 15 […]

  3. […] of the 2010 Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction, here’s the latest (most of it) from the award site: Voting begins […]

  4. […] latter—a good sampling, at least—have been nominated for the Clive Staples Award. Have you voted yet? Haven’t read two books on the list (the minimum requirement)? You still […]

  5. […] you’ll need are as follows (*indicates required links): Clive Staples Award voting information – http://clivestaplesaward.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/2010-clive-staples-award-voting/ Clive Staples List of Nominations – […]

  6. […] One more thing. The Clive Staples Award voting will be coming to a close this week. Some of you might be going what? It is an award recognizing Christian Speculative writing excellence. To find out more, click here: http://clivestaplesaward.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/2010-clive-staples-award-voting/. […]

  7. […] is her title up for the Clive Staples Award and has already won a much deserved Christy Award. Way to go, […]

  8. […] you read two or more of the above titles? You’re eligible to vote HERE! I’ve voted! August 25th, 2010 in Review Bite | tags: Clive Staples […]

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