1. Rodger Dalman says:

    My name is Dr. Rodger Dalman. I’ve published a number of books on Amazon about Israel and the ancient Near East. Now, I’m trying my hand at Christian Science Fiction. I’ve got a book nearly done. My brother who is a nuke plant operator is helping me with the science, and my sister who has written a couple of science fiction books is helping me with plot and style. It is a violent story. If you like it, and if I publish it with you instead of Amazon, how much would you charge me to print it? (I’m 75 years old and pretty broke. I can afford Amazon, but not $4,000 to print it.) Let me know what you think.
    Oh, I did a historical fiction about the life of Moses. It’s on Amazon. I’d be happy to send you a free copy. It’s based on a huge amount of research into the ancient Near East…
    Blessings, Rodger.

    • From our About page:

      Will you take a look at my novel manuscript or short story?

      No. Many of our staff creators also publish their own novels. But Lorehaven is neither a manuscript review service nor a fiction publisher.

      We recommend asking trusted creative friends for their feedback, or joining a writers’ group, such as Realm Makers.

      For short fiction from Christian authors in fantastical genres, you may also want to check out Havok Publishing.

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