Lorehaven Rejoins Realm Makers Bookstore at May 5–7 Event in Pigeon Forge

Lorehaven publisher E. Stephen Burnett will join many Christian fantastical authors at the Teach Them Diligently conference.
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Thousands of homeschooled children and parents will find Christian-made fantastical fiction at the Realm Makers Bookstore, part of this weekend’s Teach Them Diligently (TTD) conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

TTD hosts the event at the LeConte Center, Thursday, May 5 to Saturday, May 7.

Hundreds of homeschool family–friendly ministries and publishers will exhibit in the conference’s vendor hall. Lorehaven’s publisher E. Stephen Burnett will also showcase Lorehaven at the Realm Makers Bookstore, helping families explore fantastical stories for God’s glory. Stephen will also speak Thursday at 4:10 p.m. on the topic, Why Do Your Kids Need Fantastical Stories for God’s Glory?

Do your children or teens have the strange superpower of speeding through dozens more fantastical books than you could ever hope to read first? In this session, Lorehaven.com publisher E. Stephen Burnett, coauthor of The Pop Culture Parent, explores the biblical and practical reasons we actually need fantasy, sci-fi, and other stories that offer many idols yet also graces. In light of the gospel, biblical Christian parents can explore fantastical stories for God’s glory, and apply these stories to the real world our Author, Jesus Christ, has called us to serve.

Families can browse hundreds of Christian-made novels in genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and beyond. They can meet Christian fantastical authors, such as:

About the Realm Makers Bookstore

Realm Makers Bookstore is a division of Realm Makers Media which serves Christian authors of fantasy and science fiction with an annual conference, membership, and an awards program to recognize the best books published by Christian authors in these powerful genres. The Realm Makers Bookstore brings the best of these books to homeschool conventions as well as industry conventions and book festivals to promote the Christian authors they serve. You will always find several authors present at their booth as well as many signed copies.

About Realm Makers

Realm Makers began in 2013, and from small origins has grown to serve hundreds of Christian fiction authors at annual conferences, whose faculties have included bestselling novelists such as Frank E. Peretti, Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee, Brent Weeks, and N. D. Wilson. Realm Makers exists to help creative Christians in their journeys, providing education in craft, connections with industry professionals, and strategies for finding readers who love these kinds of stories. Meanwhile, the Realm Makers Bookstore offers a curated collection of speculative fiction from Christian authors, traveling to sci-fi and fantasy cons as well as homeschool conventions.

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