Prepare to Engage Fantastical Truth’s UFO Miniseries: Armies of the Aliens

You can prepare for this future battle with faith, fighter jets, or both, starting with these three podcast episodes.
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Some are claiming all the louder that, apparently, UAPs or UFOs are real—and if they’re not aliens, they are certainly alien.

According to one retired U.S. navy chief master-at-arms, these sightings by professionals:

“… Indicate a technology that outstrips our arsenal by at least 100 years to 1,000 years at the moment. … First of all, the aircraft had zero control surfaces. It had no means of propulsion that we could detect. It moved at hypersonic velocities. And it preceded the pilots to their [CAP] points. So, it seemed to have some knowledge of where the pilots were headed ahead of time. And we don’t possess those abilities to do that, in our arsenal at the moment.”1

For the Fantastical Truth podcast, Zackary Russell has been leading the UFO wing (except these crafts apparently have no wings). During the past several months, he and E. Stephen Burnett have been doing their homework. Just now we grouped all our Fantastical Truth episodes into a de facto podcast miniseries we’re calling Armies of the Aliens. We’re inspired by the quirky wording of the “faith hall of fame” in the good ol’ King James Version. This reminds us that God’s saints:

… Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.

—Hebrews 11:34, KJV (emphasis added)

In any honest fight between saints and aliens, saints win.

You can prepare for any future UFO battles with faith, fighter jets, or both, starting with these podcast episodes:

22. How Do Christians Discern UFO Accounts in Light of Scripture?

Aliens. Oh snap. Audiences love aliens. Aliens! Aliens, from space. Ancient aliens. I don’t know, therefore: aliens. Zack and Stephen launch this latest fantastical truth-finding with clips from U. S. Navy pilots who encountered UFOs. We’ll explore those reports, other alien stories, and how Christians can respond to the very notion of life and even sentient life beyond our planet.

47. Why Do Some People Long for Escape to a Galactic Community?

Will this be the year we finally get to see the aliens? Are we living in an alien invasion movie? According to headlines, it depends on whether a supposed Galactic Federation decides we are worthy. These ideas and questions are coming at us at light speed, and they often bring along competing mythologies. So as Christians, we should think through how to respond. More importantly, we should dwell on why these questions come up at all. Why do alien stories fascinate us?

63. Did God Create Aliens and Would Jesus Need to Save Them?

There is so much we don’t know about the solar system, our galaxy, and the universe. What all else is out there? Are there aliens we should be afraid of, or instead concerned for? All we can be sure of is that God has created it all, and he won’t violate his own nature. So drawing from scientific observations and Scripture, what are the Biblical possibilities about alien life?

73. Does the Pentagon’s UFO Report Expose Unidentified Aerial Phenomena? | with Colin Samul

Earlier this summer, the U. S. Director of National Intelligence released a nine-page report that chronicled 144 encounters between military pilots with unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. Many of these extraordinary objects defy scientific explanation. What are the fantastical possibilities for UAP? Have pilgrims from other planets, or other dimensions, ventured to our own? And how do we as Christians apply a biblical worldview to these possibilities?

80. What if Satan is Planning Alien Conspiracies for the End Times? | The Jake Muller Adventures with Darby Kern

What if you went hunting in the woods and found a Louisiana girl who had just been dropped off by a UFO? Then you tried to help her out while reconnecting with your past, and dropped into that crazy world of conspiracies and possible preparation for the end-times? Will Satan, or perhaps his human agents, use extraterrestrial myths to warm us up for a tribulation? Darby Kern, writer and producer of The Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified, and many other audio dramas, joins us to explore this challenging world from a biblical worldview.

119. Will Congress Disclose the UFOs Our Favorite Alien Stories Ask Us to Believe In? | with Colin Samul

Last month we heard some mighty and seemingly impossible news about human life. That means government leaders, especially in the United States, will probably focus more on human life. But what about supposed life that is not human? Yes, we’re talking about them aliens. This May the U.S. Congress held a hearing about evidence for UFOs, or lack thereof. They had expert witnesses and non-revelations and subtle revelations and everything. In the future, will national leaders give us the revelation that some science fiction assumes we’ll discover?

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