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119. Will Congress Disclose the UFOs Our Favorite Alien Stories Ask Us to Believe In? | with Colin Samul

While government leaders debate laws about human life, some U.S. leaders and military pilots wonder if they’ve seen extraterrestrial ships.
Fantastical Truth on Jul 5, 2022 · Series: · No comments

Last month we heard some mighty and seemingly impossible news about human life. That means government leaders, especially in the United States, will probably focus more on human life. But what about supposed life that is not human? Yes, we’re talking about them aliens. This May the U.S. Congress held a hearing about evidence for UFOs, or lack thereof. They had expert witnesses and non-revelations and subtle revelations and everything. In the future, will national leaders give us the revelation that some science fiction assumes we’ll discover?

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Reintroducing Colin Samul

Reverend Colin Samul has been the pastor of Great Basin Reformed Presbyterian Church since April 2019. He is husband to Shanna, and the proud father of their four children: Mele, Evangeline, Leland, and Lilyanna. Follow him on Twitter @CMSamul, where he enjoys engaging the UFO news community.

1. How is Congress taking the UFO topic seriously?

Sources mentioned:

2. What is the Admiral Wilson memo and how has it become central to UFO lore?

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3. What do our popular stories about aliens lead us to believe?

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Com station

DJ M-Pro commented on YouTube, Ep 63:

You both haven’t watched any of the videos or looked up the case files where people have seen UFOs and had contact with aliens. Do the research. I’m a Christian and there are aliens living among us. Do the research. God created the universe. Aliens built the pyramids. Aliens are not Satanic or demonic. God created everything. Aliens included.

Meanwhile at Lorehaven:

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