‘The Hobbit’ Part 2 Trailer: One Week Away?

“Man of Steel” could preview the Hobbit of Sting.
on Jun 7, 2013 · 4 comments

This site reports that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug‘s first trailer releases next week:

The Desolation Of Smaug trailer very soon as Warner is looking to attach the first trailer from the movie to the biggest movie of the year. The first trailer from The Desolation Of Smaug, will be be attached to all of Man Of Steel prints. And it’s not a teaser trailer, but it’s a full 2 min 30 sec theatrical trailer. The trailer is set to debut online on June 12, 10 am PDT.

What do you want to see in a trailer for the second and middle Hobbit film?

Perhaps more of this brand-new character?


Three1 observations about “Tauriel”:

  1. Yes, I understand there are no red-headed Elves. Maybe because she’s a wood-Elf, she found some henna plants.
  2. Jackson and co. may indeed do with this character in The Hobbit part 2 what they did with Faramir in The Lord of the Rings part 2 — e.g., annoy a lot of fans. (Including my wife.)
  3. However, they did learn a lesson about Arwen’s true strength in The Lord of the Rings. And it’s not out of canon to have a spoiled-bratty Elf in Middle-earth. Ever read The Silmarillion?
  1. Bonus: I’m not sure why they call this a “first look.” Last December I saw her in Kmart.
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  1. Literaturelady says:

    I’m so excited about a new trailer!  With all its faults, I loved An Unexpected Journey and look forward to more. 
    Not so thrilled about Tauriel (whom I’m convinced is a Mary-Sue).  Honestly, I want to see Bilbo grow clever and determined and release the dwarves all by himself, and watch the dwarves come to respect him more.  I’m not interested in another character, especially one  created to balance out a male dominated story.  :::sigh::::   I feel like calling through the screen “Give up the cast role, she-elf!”  🙂
    P. S. I have read The Silmarillion (twice, and loved it!  Beware the ultra-Middle Earth geek!), and yes, Elves do misbehave.  Drastically.  And the elf woman I liked least in that story is Aredhel, who was a dignified tomboy.

  2. Bainespal says:

    Wow, trailers are practically their own industry now.  I imagine that pretty soon, public colleges will be offering Bachelor of Film Trailoring degrees, and desperately ambitious young students will be lining up to intern in some lousy cubbyhole in California where nameless, overworked hopefuls slave on their video editing workstations to crank out cinematic trailors for big movies to be promoted on other big movies.
    As for Tauriel, I think it might be interesting to explore the culture of the Sylvan elves and Mirkwood society.  However, the statement that Tauriel “goes against the social order of the elves” is worrisome.  We really don’t need elven hippies.  Also, I think the costume looks kind of cliche.

  3. Galadriel says:

    Ditto the above. I’m fine with a male-heavy cast, because that’s the way the book was written. Fine, add roles for Galadriel or Arwen, but they’re canon characters–I do not want a female original character just to have one. 
    Tauriel–which means “Wood-Elf” in Sindarin–seems like she belongs more in the Inheritance series, and those elves drive me nuts.

  4. bad_cook says:

    I like action girls, but from what I hear ’round the interwebs, Tauriel’s function in the story is for a gratuitous romantic sub-plot, which pretty much kneecaps whatever feminist credit they’re trying to garner.

What say you?