1. Ben Avery says:

    I haven’t seen the mini-series, either, but now I want to own the soundtrack!

  2. I own the soundtrack, love it, and write to it. I also loved the final two-hour episode of the miniseries aired on Easter Sunday (no, I haven’t seen the previous four installments). But, while it contained the most powerful presentation of Christ’s passion I’ve ever seen, and while I got chills watching Diogo Morgado’s emotional range as Jesus, the insightful exploration of His enemies’ motivations, and the poetic intercutting of the Passover rituals with the crucifixion, I thought the show missed a huge opportunity by balking at the last second and presenting a traditionally prosaic, by-the-Book resurrection sequence. Ironically, the quality which seemed to garner the most controversy — those speculative, “true-to-the-spirit-of-the-text” liberties taken by the filmmakers — was the very aspect I felt was lacking at the crucial climax. Just goes to show it’s impossible to please all Christians at all times.

What say you?