1. L.A. Smith says:

    Thank you for this! I’m doing a lot of thinking about this and you articulated some points that will help me as I tackle my next book.

  2. Whether or not Christian authors intend to write for a Christian audience, it might be good for them to remember that secular readers will probably discover and read their books anyway. Secular readers could have the book recommended by a Christian friend, or even accidentally stumble across it on Amazon. It’s important for Christian authors to be aware of that — not necessarily for the sake of conforming to secular expectations, but for the sake of thinking ahead and figuring out the most constructive way of handling any issues that can come up.

    Some of this has to do with being a good witness, but some of this is also about the fact that some people are going to be antagonistic to the author. It is important for the author to anticipate at least some of those issues ahead of time so they aren’t caught by surprise. Being caught by surprise can be one of the worst things because it can make it harder to react in a calm and reasonable manner (or decide whether its necessary to react publicly in the first place).

    Also, authors need to be able to listen to feedback but not to the degree that they let themselves be pushed around by others. A lot of people don’t have a good balance between the two.

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