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146. How Did Animators Adapt The Wingfeather Saga For Streaming TV? | with Keith Lango

CG artist Keith Lango takes us behind the studio scenes to explore how artists and animators brought Andrew Peterson’s fantasy to life.
Fantastical Truth on Jan 24, 2023 · Series: · No comments

Have you been watching the hit animated Christian-made streaming series, The Wingfeather Saga? No doubt you’ve heard of the fantasy series by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. This story of the Igiby family’s darkly whimsical journey has attracted legions of readers from all ages. Now it’s a streaming series from Angel Studios. Today, series CG director Keith Lango visits our studio to share more about the origins of this animated story.

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Keith Lango profileIntroducing animation director Keith Lango

Keith is both a student and instructor in the art of animation and its technology. His passion for developing engaging experiences in animation has given him a wide and varying experience in the field and was fundamental to the creation of The Wingfeather Saga‘s distinct animation style. He has worked on 3-2-1 Penguins, VeggieTales and at Valve Corporation on video games like Portal 2. He’s an executive producer and animation director for The Wingfeather Saga.

1. What led you to help create animated stories?

  • What’s the most fulfilling part of this creative job to you?
  • What are the least glamorous and hardest parts people should know?
  • How would you like Christians to see the value of animation/visual tales?

2. How did you discover Andrew Peterson’s series and make the show?

  • Did you discover the books first? Songs first? Or both at the same time?
  • What do you enjoy most about The Wingfeather Saga that’s unique?
  • Which early challenges helped make the project better?

3. What’s next for The Wingfeather Saga?

  • What have fans been saying about season 1 of the show?
  • When does the first season end, and when do we get a season 2?
  • How might this and other streamers open chances for more animation?

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dtill359 wrote about our recent news story:

As a Christian and a fanfiction writer, I’m so glad other Christians are doing this. Yes, it’s going to incur some wrath from other groups, but Salt & Light isn’t trying to force others to agree with them. They’re just making a place where those who already do can congregate and share stories.

I’m adding this tag to my works right now.

Kessie replied:

Dude, I am so joining this. I’m always wishing I had an easier way to find Christian fic writers, and for them to find me. mission update

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