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153. When Can Deconstructionism Threaten Christian Fiction? | with Michael Young aka ‘Wokal Distance’

Every Christian may struggle with doubt, but demolition activists want you to imagine postmodern fantasies beyond the biblical gospel.
Fantastical Truth on Mar 14, 2023 · Series: · No comments

If a church or group of Christians hurt you, that is part of your origin story.1 True heroes, on their journey to victory, often face many temptations to the dark side. One of those temptations is to a fantastical foe we’re calling deconstructionism. How can we show sympathy to victims who need to tear out bad structures, while refusing to let professional demolition crews reduce the gospel itself to ruin? Michael Young, known on the Twitterverse as “Wokal Distance,” shares wisdom from outside the Christian-fantastical community about Fantastical Foe number one.

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Concession stand

  • We’ll talk about some hot topics, but focus on ideas, not politicians or policies.
  • We especially focus on on the intersection of ideas and fiction.
  • Instead of emphasizing bad ideas, we want to highlight excellent stories that glorify God.

Michael Young, aka Wokal Distance

Introducing Michael Young aka ‘Wokal Distance’

Michael Young, known on Twitter as “Wokal Distance,” teaches about the roots of wokeness. He decodes, deciphers, and explains the postmodern world in a way which is accessible to the average person. For those who feel the breaking apart of the social world, he helps them find their bearings. Follow him on Twitter @‌Wokal_Distance.

Quotes and notes

1. What is postmodern deconstruction?

2. How is deconstruction laundered through stories?

3. How can we fight deconstruction with meaningful stories?

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