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20. What if a Space Plague Turned the Amish into Zombies? | clip from Amish Zombies from Space

Preview chapter 8 of Amish Zombies from Space, the audiobook, written by Kerry Nietz and read by Randy Streu.
Fantastical Truth on Jun 16, 2020 · No comments

For this episode, we’re sharing our very first audiobook excerpt. It’s from the new audiobook version of Amish Zombies from Space, book 2 of Kerry Nietz’s sci-fi series Peril in Plain Space.

Nietz started this series when he took a “joke” title for a book, and turned it into a fun-yet-serious exploration: Amish Vampires in Space.

It went pretty viral, based on that title alone. At one point even late-night host Jimmy Fallon held up a copy of the book on national TV.

Those Amish in space not only fought vampires, but then had to undergo a zombie plague. And now, lately, they face werewolves. Why not?

Here in this excerpt, narrated by Randy Streu, we catch up with the Amish on their new planet. It’s where a certain undead-type plague is about to begin. Our thanks to Kerry Nietz for sharing this excerpt from chapter 8 of Amish Zombies from Space.

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