1. notleia says:

    One sore spot for me is that A Star Curiously Singing has unexamined white supremacist ideas as the basis of the plot, i.e. the Great Replacement and how that will bring about a dystopia should anything other than European-ish culture be in charge.

    Like, whoa bruh, the bad optics is the LEAST of the problems here.

    • Hallo again, notleia! It really doesn’t, though.

      • notleia says:

        Long time no see!
        How do you figure it doesn’t, then? That’s some pretty big oofs to handwave away.

        • Notleia, let’s be honest: casually dropping “white supremacist” these days is pure slander.

          • notleia says:

            I’m struggling right now. Should I match your dismissive and flippant tone? Should I try to respond seriously, if not for your sake, then for the sake of the audience? Is that even worth my time?

            But I take offense at that implication: slander is verbal. LIBEL is written. But I’ll take a moment to stop quoting the Sam Raimi Spiderman movie (spits) and add that it’s also not libel if it’s true.

            • No, it’s not true what you said about Kerry’s ideas. At best, it’s uncharitable. All that accusation accomplishes is to poison the well. So I’m not taking it seriously, because it’s not a serious argument.

              • notleia says:

                I’m not claiming that Nietz is totes a white supremacist or whatever. I make no claims as to his intentions. All I’m saying is that there’s some mouse turds, intentional or unintentional, on the buffet table and I don’t like it.

                Also he made HardCandy a tsundere when she is CLEARLY a kuudere. Tsundere are trash-tier waifus and he did HardCandy dirty.

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