1. notleia says:

    I think a large part of the problem is that a lotta people in this subculture have trouble distinguishing between “descriptive” versus “proscriptive.” Which makes sense because there have been countless denominational and church splits over what, exactly, is descriptive vs proscriptive in the Bible itself. (At least they come by it honestly?)

    Also sidetrack: I found this tumblr scheisspost that talks about the difference about Joss Whedon!Thor and TaikaWaititi!Thor that reminds me a lot of Burnett’s very many feelings about firstmovie!Thor and Ragnarok!Thor, and I find it interesting:

  2. An excellent biblical story/show/whatever is the animated short film Adam And Dog. It’s somewhat fantastical in the way the scenery is illustrated and such. But it basically goes through the story of Adam and Eve from a dog’s perspective, which gives a fresh take on the whole situation. It did a great job of showing, rather than telling — letting the audience experience the peace and beauty of Eden and the sadness of having to leave. I’d say it’s even more poignant since it’s shown from the perspective of a character that doesn’t entirely understand what happened with the humans. There is some nudity, since it’s about Adam and Eve, but it’s animated(and therefore not exploiting real people) and isn’t hyper sexualized. But anyway, here’s a link to the show:

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