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Skate the Seeker by Jeff Ayers

Skate the Seeker

Young ex-thief Skate must rely on her wits and her friends to save not only her mentor’s life but also her own.
Skate the Thief, Jeff Ayers

Skate the Thief

A young, orphaned thief must choose whom to betray: her new mentor, a powerful undead wizard; or the crime lords who raised her and who covet the wizard’s power.
“Although Skate the Thief makes a few leaps in story logic, its sympathetic characters will steal readers’ hearts.”
Lorehaven review, fall 2020
The Land of the Purple Ring, Deborah J. Natelson

The Land of the Purple Ring

A mechanical man with a diamond clockwork heart escapes slavery to Time, then undertakes an epic journey to save a friend and find his purpose.
“Deborah J. Natelson’s The Land of the Purple Ring is a delightful romp through wordplay and half-sketched puns.”
Hunter's Moon, Sarah M. Awa

Hunter’s Moon

One bite on her hand … and Mel has a million problems slipping through her fingers.
“Sarah M. Awa’s howlingly intense drama Hunter’s Moon is perfect for young adults who enjoy plot-driven stories and horror genres.”
Bargaining Power, Sarah Awa

Bargaining Power

A secretary is the only one who can save the king’s life and stop a beguiling demon-fairy-woman from destroying countless other lives.