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A Marriage in Time

A Marriage in Time offers a passionately emotional story of love and loss and making choices. Mega-church pastor’s wife Lacy Stevens is transported by an angel to the time of Bathsheba. Lacy is placed in Bathsheba’s household, and serves Bathsheba, powerless to stop the events she knows will soon unfold. But she has a mission she doesn’t quite understand: to help Bathsheba face the consequences of her actions with King David, and to confront her own choices, feelings, and future. Anna M. Aquino paints a rich historical setting for a timeless tale of the bondage of sin, the impact of the choices we make, and the power of forgiveness. While a thorough edit would have made this read even more enjoyable, the story’s emotional impact was profound.

Best for: Adults, married women, and those who enjoy Biblical fiction.

Discern: Issues of adultery, infant mortality, and other themes central to the story of David and Bathsheba.

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