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Mason lives his soldier’s life by the old mantra “theirs not to reason why.” He does not question the mission. If he did, he wouldn’t get real answers, and he probably wouldn’t like them anyway. In Abort, C. D. Hulen creates a tale that leans toward hard science fiction. Mason’s journey is circumscribed by the distant future’s limits of human technology and the weaknesses of democracy: politicians’ lies and people’s selfishness. His story engages with definitions of morality and, in the end, becomes religious. Heroes are well-matched by their opposition, flawed and sympathetic in their own ways. With vivid characters, compelling world, and serious questions, Abort fulfills its directive for an engaging sci-fi read.

Best for: Fans of science fiction, young adult readers.

Discern: Some violence, such as a child’s death; ships are destroyed, implying heavy casualties; dehumanizing language.

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