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Beneath the Swirling Sky

Vincent is done with art. He knows his mom’s not-so-secret plan to make him like art won’t work—not even if she makes him stay with her uncle, a famous art restorer. But when Vincent’s younger sister, Lili, disappears into a famous painting, Vincent must confront his dislike of art and discover his family’s secrets. Action and ideas churn as Vincent works with his cousin Georgia under his uncle’s supervision to rescue his sister. Vivid descriptions reflect famous masterpieces during our heroes’ magical search. Carolyn Leiloglou’s Beneath the Swirling Sky explores how people reclaim lost passions in this adventure for middle-grade readers.

Best for: Fans of fantasy adventure, teachers needing a tie-in for art unit studies.

Discern: Family secrets, children abused by villains, bullying in school settings.



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