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Blood and Bond

The Shield holds. Or does it? Reports of attacks by Ryuven keep humans in fear as they try to determine how their defenses failed. Blood and Bond is the second novel in Laura VanArendonk Baugh’s Shard of Elan series. Book 2 picks up as Luca, Shianan, Tamaryl, and Ariana pursue their various quests. Their stakes are even higher, as they strive to do what is right despite conflicting goals. Luca struggles with being home, Tamaryl fights for his people, Shianan strives for acceptance, and Ariana labors to bring peace between humans and Ryuven. They’ll find no perfect solution, and betrayals abound on all sides. This book is brilliant and engaging, expanding on the series’ world and characters while building its own plot—offering resolution while leaving yet more threads to unravel in the next book.

Best for: Fans who love epic fantasy and want to be drawn into an ongoing series.

Discern: Some violence and death, and references to sex and sexual assault.

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