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Daughter of Lightning

When the sky lights up, thunderous trouble’s never far behind. Daughter of Lightning by Anna Kate Logan follows Talea as she discovers she is not alone in her ability to wield lighting. Joined by her family as well as her new friend and fellow lightning-wielder Wylan, Talea bolts from her home under threat from a new king who wants to wipe out her people. Pursued by assassins, she heads to the place where Wylan claims they’ll find others like them. But will she be able to channel her powers toward their true purpose? This story has some great twists and action, and leaves the door open for a sequel. Although some worldbuilding and characterization is confusing and inconsistent, overall Daughter of Lightning is a fun adventure that promises to branch into an electric epic as the Dragon and Storm series continues.

Best for: Young adults who enjoy fantasy quests and superpowers.

Discern: Some violence and references to abuse.

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