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Dragons and Romans


The first Punic War was a close affair. By the third war, no question remained: Rome would defeat Carthage. With earthly strength exhausted, and no thought to heaven, Carthage turns to hell, sacrificing their most innocent to call up demonic power and unleash dragons and spirits on Rome. Dragons and Romans, from William David Ellis, blends historical fiction with spiritual warfare and a dash of fantasy. Roman soldiers fight the dragon, but a Jewish woman is gathered by calamity into the Roman camp and fights the powers behind the dragon, guided by a famous (and dead) prophet. The prophet’s involvement, and a phenomenon similar to astral projection, may raise theological questions. However, Dragons and Romans invests the climactic Third Punic War with high peril, deep meaning, and the spark of the fantastical.

Best for: Adults, fans of Frank Peretti and historical fiction.

Discern: Graphic violence, including death and injury by fire; references to torture; child sacrifice on a large scale, occurring offscreen; moderate language.

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