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Eilinland: Through the Wall

To go forward, some people must first go back. Bailey Davenport’s Eilinland: Through The Wall follows a team of five warriors—and a last-minute newbie addition—as they venture for a rescue mission into the unfriendly land north of a world-dividing wall. Allegorical elements subtly crisscross this story: from the wall itself, which has only a single gate and seems to represent Christ, to the demon-like beings called sniws, who bicker and scheme and beset the rescue team. Our heroes, too, fight among themselves like cats, yet never become irritating. Davenport has assembled a cast of characters who genuinely care for each other despite disagreements and hardships. Overall, Eilinland: Through the Wall serves a light, entertaining read, with good thematic substance to accompany the fun.

Best for: Fans of young-adult fantasy, though older readers may also enjoy it.

Discern: One character is caught stealing and let off the hook fairly easily.

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