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Desperate times call for desperate allies, and Jamie Foley’s Emberhawk calls forth brilliant fantasy with a unique and complex world of elemental entities, political machinations, and unlikely love. Kiralau finds herself lost and injured in the woods with Ryon, a spy and enemy of her people. She has no choice but to follow him to safety. When they reach his city, they find themselves caught in a plot to incite a war that will destroy both their nations. Foley’s worldbuilding is astounding, from the interactions between various tribes and ruling nations to the way elementals relate to humans and how humans receive and use their elemental powers. At first the romance seems a little cliché, but ultimately this too satisfies. Layers of plot and various twists make this a book readers won’t want to put down.

Best for: Young adults and any fan of fantasy, romance, and unique worlds in which characters have powers.

Discern: Romance as the story’s central focus, some violence, and oblique references to sex.

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