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Escape to Vindor

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What happens when your imagination gets away from you—literally? In Emily Golus’s Escape to Vindor, Megan Bradshaw, ordinary middle-school girl, finds herself on an extraordinary adventure to the fantasy land of Vindor she created in her daydreams. But this Vindor isn’t quite the same as the place she’d thought up. Colors are richer, people are a bit different, and details abound that she’d never imagined at all. Soon she realizes she’s no longer author of events or outcomes. Which is unfortunate, because there’s a nightmare shadow destroying Vindor, and everyone agrees Megan is the one to conquer it. But how? She’s just an ordinary, anxious kid. This uplifting story rumbles along at a good pace, accessible to Christian readers and nonbelievers alike.

Best for: Middle-grade fans of fantasy.

Discern: General fantasy elements.

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  1. Exceptional tale; wonderful turns of phrase, speaks to the heart.

    Worthy of Tolkien and Lewis, lying between Middle Earth and Narnia, a real world of dreams.

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