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With Flower, H. L. Burke’s Green Princess trilogy bursts out onto a world where magic users have divided into four factions. Each has a hereditary power, such as plants, fire, “the sight,” and super speed, and is led by a hereditary master, or Key. Fire-wielders won the magic war, and the Flora Key is supposed to be dead. But sheltered Kitrin’s teenage rebellion coincides with faintly manifesting powers, which could endanger her even more than her new, forbidden forest–friendship with the king’s mysterious nephew. Kitrin naïvely trips through the viny path her life has become, unaware that a war amputee (plus a bonded plant-dragon) is hunting the newly awakening greenery magic. The series entwines around the tropes of “young,” as well as the Chosen One, but Burke’s clever twists keep the story fresh while still delivering on classic premises.

Best for: Fans of princess stories, true love, and creative magic systems who enjoy watching these leaves unfold.

Discern: Some strong innuendo from side characters, and a fade-to-black, “meant to be” pre-wedlock consummation.

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