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Imagine a world of no superheroes, only supervillains. In Jenna Terese’s Ignite, everyone is a potential victim of superpowered people. That’s why Scarlett believes that locking supers away in camps is the best policy to protect everyone else. Then one day outside an ice scream shop, a fiery super-attacks Scarlett, yet she doesn’t burn. Aflame with questions and terrified of the answers, Scarlett is sure she will hurt everyone she loves. But what if she’s wrong? What if her powers aren’t a curse, but a gift? If Scarlett learns to accept this idea, what will this mean for her world? With basic prose and quick pace, Ignite balances superhero action with deep questions about prejudice and responsibility in a complex, challenging world.

Best for: Fans of superheroes and young-adult action.

Discern: Superpowered violence, medical experiments, human prejudice.

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