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Jordan’s Arrow

It’s always good to know that, no matter your problem, dragons will go a long way toward fixing it. Jordan’s Arrow, book 2 of Allen Steadham’s Jordan of Algoran series, finds the titular heroine making a good life for herself on a distant planet. But trouble is brewing as she and her people must face down the threat of a brutally expansionistic tribe. Thus, there be dragons, or in this case, deathwings. This story deals with interesting moral and ethical questions, but with large time jumps and seemingly important characters playing little part in the final conflicts, it often feels hurried. Anachronistic discrepancies in technology levels prove as much a part of this sequel as in book 1, especially at the end. Overall, Jordan’s Arrow is a good follow-up to the first story, showing Jordan’s growth and struggles in her new world.

Best for: Young adults and older fantasy fans.

Discern: Battles and even slaughters, though they are not too graphic.

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