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Labyrinth of Shadows

Greek myths may be ancient, but they remain founts of imagination. Kyla Stone’s Labyrinth of Shadows tells its own story with cleverness and breathless suspense. “Bull dancer” Ariadne may be a princess of Crete, but ever since the night long ago when she received a scar that marked her as cursed, her parents’ eyes have held nothing but disdain. A handsome prisoner marks a change in her fortunes and seems to open a door through which she can regain her mother’s love and her father’s respect. But will this golden Athenian man bring even more trouble for her than she already expects from Daedalus’s labyrinth for monsters? In the end, it will be her own choices, and the threads of loyalty she spins to bring others to her side, which dictate both her own fate and that of others.

Best for: Fans of Greek mythology and tales set in the ancient world as well as readers who love dramatically difficult inner-family relations.

Discern: Some violence, frightening monster elements, references to cruel and uncaring pagan deities.

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