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Lion Warrior

Cadets return to battle dragons and practice virtues in James R. Hannibal’s trilogy-ender Lion Warrior. A small group of training heroes infiltrates Aladoth to gain a long-lost weapon, while on the land’s opposite side, another force searches for an advancing army enthralled by the greed and power of the dragons. Meanwhile, Kara must create a new fighting force to stop their enemies and free them from the dragons’ mind-fogging abilities. Traditional fantasy creatures meet complex moral choices in these young warriors’ conflicts over decision-making, skeptical family, and friendship. With its simple style and RPG-inspired imaginations, Lion Warrior slowly builds into an epic finale for the Lightraider Academy series.

Best for: Teenage fans of allegorical fantasy.

Discern: Fantasy violence with swords and arrows, heroes fight evil fantasy creatures that represent sin, biblical tenets and virtues adapted to magic system.

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