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Mortal Queens

For generations people have told stories of the wondrous and magical fae realm. And every year the fae choose one special woman to enter their domain. Only once does this figure return to the human world, on the next Choosing Ceremony Day, then is never seen again. Now, aspiring artist Althea swears she will be the one Mortal Queen to return. Then she discovers the truth behind the fae realm’s illusions—and must fight to keep her promise and return home. Victoria McCombs’s fantasy Mortal Queens paints a lush landscape of struggling humans and devious magical creatures. Chess games and light romance cast complex challenges for mortals entranced with the illusion of mystical worlds.

Best for: Teen and young adult readers who enjoy fae tales and political intrigue.

Discern: Mildly described violence, some emotional abuse and acts of overt deception, and some mentioned kisses within a chaste relationship.

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