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A girl named Mouse wakes up in a compound named Misty Summit, with no memory of her past. But if there’s anything worse than ignorance, it’s deception. When she manages to escape, she learns that Misty Summit was not a healing community, but a prison. In Mouse, book 1 of the Elmnas Chronicles, Kaylena Radcliff unveils a post-apocalyptic science-fiction world with fantasy elements. On the run from the ruling government and aided by a farm boy and a mysterious warrior, Mouse embarks on a journey to Elmnas in search of answers. Who is she, and what’s really going on in the world? Mouse is an intriguing adventure whose characters draw in readers, with a complex world that promises to become even more rich and vibrant as the series continues.

Best for: Young adults who enjoy adventure and intrigue.

Discern: Violence and some references to sexual assault.

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