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My Brother’s Keeper

Two brothers grow up in a faraway land, dreaming of serving in the military and making their parents proud. But each brother fights to achieve his dream in a different way—and, ultimately, in different militaries. Their division will be driven yet deeper when the warring spiritual powers, like the hostile countries, demand a choice. In My Brother’s Keeper, book 1 of the Galahad’s Doom series, David Wright presents a classic fantasy novel, obliquely tied to the legends of King Arthur. Dwarves, elves, sorcerers, and monsters infuse the story with the air of another world. Christianity goes under a different name yet clear to see. Although battles and intrigue build up to war, the main conflict is internal and spiritual. Readers who don’t mind spiritual themes emphasized over action will find My Brother’s Keeper an engaging and encouraging journey.

Best for: Teens and older fans of overtly Christian-made fantasy set in other worlds.

Discern: Some violence in non-graphic battles, allusions to abortion and prostitution, a bathing woman attempts to seduce a man, references to established slavery and gladiator battles, mentions of casinos and gambling, religious persecution.

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