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Nick Newton is Not a Genius

Nick Newton is not a genius. That isn’t shameful; you might even call it normal—unless you lived in Nick’s house. There, the dazzling brilliance of his mother, father, and older sister shine a painful glare on the fact that poor Nick is not a genius. But he’s curious and persistent, and by those virtues he will discover what secrets from the war are hidden in his home. With Nick Newton Is Not a Genius, S. E. M. Ishida creates a sci-fi tale for young readers. Her story plays out in Thauma, a country of advanced robotics and whimsically named educational establishments. It is peopled with colorful characters, sometimes wrong but always memorable. The plot is simple and the book is never in a rush, but children and grown-ups alike will be charmed by this gentle, creative tale.

Best for: Children, fans of science fiction.

Discern: Characters discuss rumors that a man murdered his parents.

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