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Please Return to the Lands of Luxury

Everything Jane finds is broken. That’s typical when you live on an island of trash. Then, one day, she finds a perfect doll, and begins her quest to reunite this perfect doll with its lost owner. As she seeks the Lands of Luxury to return the doll, Jane is forced to examine her past, the meaning of memory, and her responsibility to friends while fighting an all-powerful corporation. Please Return to the Lands of Luxury’s style is well suited for middle-grade children. Jon Tilton explores complex topics like memory loss, personal and societal responsibility in this light sci-fi story.

Best for: Middle-grade readers ready to enjoy early chapter books, fans of light sci-fi stories.

Discern: Robots endangering children in a sci-fi adventure, companies callously ignoring safety of people and animals in a dystopian setting.

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