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Saints and Monsters

Princess Meera needs magic to save her kingdom and her poisoned sister. Her gambit is bold but simple: stab a sea dragon and compel the creature to grant her wishes. But rather than getting the dragon’s magic, she gets the dragon’s heart. In Saints and Monsters, Ellen McGinty weaves a fantasy of princesses and magical creatures among a vaguely modern setting with guns and horses, parchment and cigarettes. Some readers may be left wanting resolution for a key plot turn and could debate the heroine’s unscrupulous behavior. Nevertheless, Saints and Monsters casts a vivid, well-told story that captivates reader hearts.

Best for: Teens and older fans of fantasy, dragons, and romance.

Discern: Some violence includes poison attacks on people, a child imprisoned and enslaved, domestic abuse, and others subdued and beaten; heroic characters act dishonestly by stealing and lying; an engaged woman kisses another man.

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