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Sand and Storm

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Stella Dorthwany’s Sand and Storm tells a thrilling tale of magic, suspense, and working against the clock to save the world. Two main characters, cousins Faryn and Cora, are thrown together after a long separation. Faryn seeks adventure and finds it in an internship with Shaun Valerian, while Cora wants to navigate a new marriage to a man she barely knows. Both are drawn to an archaeological dig, the center of a magic spell that could mean the end of the world. They must work together, and with the people they love and hate, to save everything they know. This book is a delightful read, with a unique and well-developed magic system, engaging characters with compelling arcs, and a thrilling plot full of fun twists.

Best for: Young adults who enjoy a fun story in a magical world and appreciate a romantic subplot or two.

Discern: Open discussion about sex, implied sex in the context of marriage, and some sensual scenes.

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  1. And bought. 🙂
    Also, The Wrong Proposal, because that concept sounded hilarious!

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