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A fiery and brutal war between dragons and humans has raged for generations. Both sides’ warriors wield physical and psychic attacks. Each side believes the other is full of brutal killers bent on annihilation, and each is determined to win at all costs. But one woman has the gift, or curse, of being able to sense dragon emotions and pain. She desperately wants to stop the war, but how can she unravel hundreds of years of animosity by herself? Songflight by Michelle M. Bruhn tells the gripping story of Alísa, a Dragon Singer who is misunderstood by both races but whose powers may be the key to uniting them, if she can learn how to use them correctly. But learning requires giving up everything she knows and loves, and there are no guarantees in a battle where individual choices can change everything.

Best for: Lovers of fantasy and dragons.

Discern: Violence as well as heavy concepts like killing for the greater good and personal responsibility.

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