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Steal the Morrow

When Olifur’s parents were killed on the road to Melar, his life was destroyed. Now he has a new mentor and family thanks to Fritjof, who takes him in and teaches him how to survive in the woods. However, when Fritjof becomes ill, Olifur must brave town to find a doctor. Jenelle Leanne Schmidt’s Steal the Morrow loosely adapts Oliver Twist into a fantasy setting. But while Dickens explored themes of poverty and society’s treatment of the poor, Schmidt focuses on personal challenges. Steal the Morrow examines personal integrity and the value of reputation in a light fantasy setting.

Best for: Older middle grade readers, fans of classic literature retellings, fantasy settings light on the magic.

Discern: Cruelty toward children and poor people, brief violence ending in death, adults teach children to steal.

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  1. I loved narrating the audiobook for Jenelle. It’s kind of a prequel story for her Turrim Archive series.

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